About Us

No false modesty but i hate to brag or even talk about myself and the small things i achieved yet.

I’m just gonna try to be the most honest a person can be;

I was the typical weak-bodied-girls-repelling-ultra-insecure-highschool-nerd, i was laugh at, bullied and rejected by every girl i approached, i hated everybody and myself even more.

I went through the same struggles 60% of the boys that age encounter, but then I joined the military and like a pokemon, I evolved and now I am happy_ but not proud_ to say that I became a metrosexual man at his early thirties.

So trust me when i say you guys should listen to the advice i preach in this blog.

Maybe you are at the same place i was many years ago, maybe i can help you avoid all this

Maybe you are at a point of life when you just wanna say enough.

Maybe i can help you pull the trigger, Not kill your self obviously lol, but help you become the best version of yourself you can be !