About us

My propaganda (I hope you understand that I do not take myself seriously)

You can indeed watch seduction games in most movies, books, magazines, etc. as seduction is a universal desire and need. It’s omnipresent. Though, no one really understands all the workings of seduction.

However, a certain PUA (Pick Up Artist) me decided to devote his existence to this art. It has been several generations now that our fathers gradually stopped passing the torch, making it difficult, or near impossible for some of us to figure it out. But fear not, as I am now able to say that we have outlined the main lines. I can “see the matrix” of male / female interactions; I am the chosen one, your Neo.
(I know, I am a dorky asshole, and with time you’ll love me for it)

Why should you listen to and implement my advice?

To not give up your chances with a beautiful and brilliant lady you met. To not hesitate to approach anymore.
To no longer live in self-doubt or fear of women.
To find meaning in your life.

For whom do I do that?
I was once out there myself, I escaped, and now I want to help YOU break free! Call it my way of giving back what I am grateful for receiving or payback to the universe or whatever…yeah, and I am only doing it for YOU, my lads… Mostly 😉

How did I start?

I was your typical boring-ass-insecure-girl-repelling -scrawny-highschool nerd with braces on and acne, who despite being tall with a not too bad-to-look-at face was struggling with getting girls, plus I was too busy either studying or doing nerdy shit with my nerdy friends (i wasn’t wearing glasses though, I guess that would’ve made me totally caricatural), leading me to neglect myself in terms of fitness, style, and grooming. I am not going to lie; I was not that bad with social interactions, I handled bullying and being picked on pretty well and could even make girls laugh and sometimes the whole class without me being the actual joke.
In short, I was the guy that girls wanna have as a friend or maybe a best friend, but not “boy” friend. And it happened that I didn’t like it.
However, I know a few guys who are sincerely okay with it, and I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these guys, but I was not tolerating it. So sometime just after high school, I decided to improve my current situation, with drastic changes, so I typed into google “how to get girls” like the millennial that I am.
I was amazed at the number of commercial sites I found on this topic. And after long hours of research and some hard-earned money unwisely spent, I concluded that the vast majority of these sites only help you make VERY MEDIOCRE progress in exchange for a LOT of money.
I swore to change things at that level if I ever came to become a PUA.

Ultimately, even if I do not change the world, at least I would have changed.

I devoured everything I could find on seduction: it’s a subject that came to fascinate me. I have researched a lot, to offer you the best of the net for free (it will save you a lot of time).
I do not copy anything like most other sites does (but I do not have to reinvent everything every time, that is obvious).
This site goes straight to the point: it takes up in my terms what convinced me during my training, and I add my ideas, experiences, and personal advice.
You will benefit from my long research as well as my experience as a PUA in the field.
I am not a bastard nor a manipulator: I use personal development as a cornerstone. It is, therefore, a healthy and natural seduction that I propose.
With me, there are no miracles (as in any field for that matter) but with work: rest assured, you can significantly improve. Beware of my outspokenness and my political incorrectness. If I want to say “suck a dick” or “doggie style,” I say it.
And someone, please inform those who are shocked that they should think about that broom up their asses.
With more than six years of experience in the field, I have become a sort of anti-hero, but I swore never to become arrogant: I am and will remain an eternal apprentice of the magic of seduction, as I am still as passionate about it after six years.

So I guess, It is time for me to share my expertise while continuing to improve.