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   What questions should you ask a girl to seduce her? What questions to turn up the heat? There is no such thing as a list of magic questions to make a girl fall in love with you. On the other hand, I’ve learned that “the game of questions” is a routine that can be handy to excite girls.
   So if you’re looking for questions that can help you get rid of the boredom on a first date, questions to help you determine whether she likes you or not, or questions to ask a girl via text late at night, you’ve come to the right place.
   First, I will explain the purpose and precautions you must take before using the routine questions.
So here’s a little summary:


What is this question game that helps you sleep with a girl quickly?

This question game is an ultra-powerful weapon of seduction, but like any seduction technique, you have to use it cleverly and not do just anything.

I can’t put enough stress on the necessary precautions; it’s primordial for the success of this technique because between asking a question to arouse a girl sexually and asking a question to make a girl laugh, the border is thin, sometimes, the question will make her laugh nervously AND make her want you.

You will see that it’s a series of open questions with a pronounced sexual tone disguised as a genuine question to know more about her.
The principle of this seduction technique is, you get to know each other BUT also talk about sex to avoid ending up as “just friend.”
If you get to the end of the question game, then you are 99% sure y’all gonna bang but the opposite is no less true.
This routine will save you a lot of trouble by sorting out the girls that are too stuck, the ones that genuinely like to play, etc.

Do not ask these questions like an animal

Note: Not all the girls want to play this little game.
Indeed, the principle of the question game is that you will exchange anecdotes about sex and that it will make her aroused… but it will also make her vulnerable, what all girls are afraid of with the men they have in their lives let alone with a stranger.
So, start the game by asking light questions like “what is the most beautiful place you visited?” Or “what is your favorite song and why?”
It’s all about reassuring her that you’re a nice guy and not some starving wretch that only wants to talk about sex. No, you should focus on creating a little connection between you too, find a few things in common, make her feel safe and make her think ” he’s nice, I’m actually having a good time.”
Set up the right atmosphere and slowly start injecting some magic into the mix.

Ask these "magical" questions with confidence

If you use the routine of questions via texts, be sure to assume. If you use it during a live date, then you must adopt the right body language.
( If you think it’s easier behind your computer/phone screen because you’re not facing the girl you are wrong, it’s harder because the girl can’t see you. If you think it makes you less vulnerable, because there is less exposure and less social anxiety, you forgot that she’s less vulnerable to your game too, as she cannot hear the warmth of your voice, the tone of your speech, nor see your relaxed and confident body language, nor can you use your secret weapon; your EYES.)

First recommendation: use this game only when you are in an intimate conversation with the girl.

It takes intimacy; otherwise, she will feel like an”easy girl.” Forget this option when her girlfriends are there

The second recommendation, it must seem spontaneous: if she realizes that the questions are prepared in advance, your plan is gonna fail.

How to bring the game of questions?

Bring the thing: “we do not really know each other … we could play a game to get to know each other better.”

If she’s a little skeptical or whatever, keep fluffing a bit until she talks about the game herself.

“I feel that you’re an open-minded girl, that you know that life can stop at any moment and that you have to get the most fun out of it … so if I’m right: I have a game to propose to you to meet you! “

“Have you ever played the game of questions?”

She may answer yes since it is close to “truth or dare,” it’s a typical party game, so do not be disoriented!

The rules of the game

The rules are simple; the questions have to be funny and playful. We ask each other a question, the first one who does not answer or lies has lost. And if the answer is unclear, we have the right to ask for clarification. Oh, i almost forgot, if you ask a question she can not ask it back ( You’ll see further on why this rule is of the utmost importance)

If she does not answer the questions asked

Maybe she’s going to ask you what will happen if she does not follow the rules of the game. Tell her you’ll see about that later if it ever happens. You can also say that if she loses to the game, then you will think less of her. Or a vague answer like that.
The goal is to let her think that it’s no big deal and that she should just play, on the other hand, it gives you total freedom as what to ask later, ask or do.

How to guide the game of questions about sex?

The “if you do not answer, you lose” side justifies that you ask sexual questions without looking like a pervert. Indeed, your cover is that you are just trying to win the game. You can accentuate that to the maximum, bad faith is sometimes our friend.

It is also essential to be able to ask for clarification in case she says something interesting, sexually speaking. So do not forget to tell her about that rule.

Now you have a better understanding of the principle; you’re ready to move to the practical side of asking a girl question to arouse her sexually.

We will finally go to the crisp part of the article: where I reveal these magical questions that aim to ignite a girl’s desire.

You cannot wait any longer, can you? Ok, let’s go.

But make me a promise: make intelligent use of this powerful technique because if you just do anything, it can turn against you and she could label you obsessed and perverted starving wretch.

Calibrate well according to the girl that you have in front of you and adapt yourself by taking more or less.

Finally, do not forget my credo: in life, the nerve pays!

The 9 Questions

# 1: With how many boys did you go further than a kiss?

Basically, here you want to know how many boys she slept with … but without really saying it so as not to block it. If you’re already starting to have resistance, then it’s terrible. But not necessarily, maybe she just wants you to confide first and feel free to do it. If it trips, say you do not want to talk about sex but love stories.

The reason we start with this question is that as a guy, it’s difficult for us to answer it. If we did not sleep with a lot of girls, it’s not good. If we fucked a lot of girls, it’s not good either. And if we’re somewhere in between, depending on the girl we are talking to, it may not be good either. Asking her this question is supposed to prevent her from asking us in return ( It’s like you’re playing chess and you took her queen early on in the game). But often, they lack imagination, and will eventually end up asking you anyway. So, watch out …

An order of magnitude for “normal people” is:
– under 25yo, between 10 and 15 girls.
– between 25 and 30yo, between 15 and 20 girls.
– more than 30 yo, more than 20 girls.

Obviously, it’s better, to tell the truth, but … some girls would not understand why you slept with only 3 girls in your life at 32 or why you’re already at 270 when you’re only 22.

Whatever her answer, DO NOT JUDGE.

# 2: When was the last time?

Presumably, we imply “the last time you made love.” This question is useful because the girl will have to remember the last time she made love and it will put her in good condition for the future.

#3: What was your longest serious relationship? When did it end?

Here we do not talk about sex. This may help to continue the game since talking too much about sex makes some girls block. Also, thanks to this question, you will see what kind of girl you are dealing with: Is she the type to stay 3 years with the same guy or just 2 weeks?

# 4: Do you often think about making love? Well, when was the last time you masturbated? And where?

This question is a big fucking test. This is a very disturbing question, so ask later if you do not feel “hot” enough at this time. In my experience, girls who answer this question usually suck your dick afterward.
Clearly, a girl who does not answer this question is not very open-minded, not playful, or does not really want to sleep with you (or has never done so and is ashamed). If she does not dare to answer, de-dramatize the situation, and tease her.
A woman who answers the question, “and where?” Is going to relive the scene unconsciously. Again, it will put her in the right mood, and she will associate you with these impulses.

# 5: What is the craziest place where you made love? And how did you feel then?

This question is less daring than the previous one: we respect the rule “two steps forward, one step back.” As usual, the fact that you have the nerve to ask this question shows that you are a sexual guy, and it also requires her to revisit the scene in her mind and therefore get excited. Well, that’s something she probably only talked about with her best friends, this way you enter her circle of trust (not to mix with the friendzone).

# 6: What is your favorite position? Why?

Once she has answered, pretend it’s your favorite position too. Do not ask for permission or anything, but with an air of indifference, pretend that you are going to sleep together soon and that you can test it to see what it’s like.

If she does not know the name of the position, try to mimic it: make a little guy with your fingers while she makes a girl with hers and you ask her how. This is a fantastic way to arouse her, i can already see her blushing as your fingers touch! After this one, wild monkey sex awaits you that same night, I don’t know how you could mess this one up.

Note that most women answer “Doggystyle.”

# 7: What is the thing (s) you would like to try (sexually ofc) but have never done?

Here’s another one that conveys sexual honesty.
In any case, never tell her that you find weird what she would like to do.
Do not judge her and encourage her to talk about it. As if you really understand it and you, too, are curious about what she’s telling you.

# 8: On a scale of 1 to 10, how good do you think you are in bed? And also note the oral sex in a second note.

An honest answer is between 5 and 7. More than 7, she wants to fuck with you. Less than 5, she does not care about your ass … or she has a real Low Self-Esteem.
Once she has answered, Tell her about your rating, add +1 to her number. Even if she says 10!
As for oral sex. You’re covertly asking her to know if you’re gonna get your dick sucked or Nah, if she answers with more than 7 that means that she’s got some serious head game. Few women would answer that question if they did not want to sleep with you.

# 9: How good of a kisser are you? I mean if I magically appeared next to you in your bed tonight and kissed your neck, would you push me back or let yourself go?

If you do your routine on a date, kiss her!
You have to get closer to her while asking the question as if to whisper a secret to her, you don’t wanna have a table between you two when you’re about to make your move (get your logistics in order) .
At that point, your voice should sound deeper and lower, look her in the eye while throwing quick glances at her lips. You could choose to let her answer then lean in for the kiss, or go for it as soon as you finish your question (if you really feel that she’s receptive), or my favorite, let her start to answer but quickly put the finger on her lips to interrupt her (10 points for the dramatic effect) and lean on for a deep but swift kiss, it is essential that you withdraw before she does, we want to leave her wanting more(with a little practice you’ll know when it’s the right moment).

On the Internet, if there is a positive answer, suggest a meeting. Otherwise, resume the game and turn her on further.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

If you have tested the routine of questions in real life or via texts, do not hesitate to tell us how it went.

I know it can be scary, to dare to ask such bold and intimate questions, but that’s what makes it happen with a girl (or on the contrary, you’ll be fixed on whether you’ll sleep with her or not). 

Do not forget that girls usually like these little games like “Never have I ever…”. So just dare, my friends! Personally, I used it many times, and it was highly effective. Of course, it didn’t work on 100% of the girls.

I’d say 69% of the time it works all the time 😉 .

Your Sensei,


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