The SHIT test | HOW to not loose your shit when a GIRL is TESTING you!



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The “shit-test,” another essential concept of the game! I will explain what it is, why women are testing us in this way, and how to react well. I will even give concrete examples of shit tests.

When you’re seducing a girl, a hot girl (or even a not so sexy girl), you risk being tested! So pay close attention to these tips !!!

What is a shit test?

The most straightforward description would be; a masculinity test, used by women to filter us.

These are tricky questions and invidious reflections that can sometimes destabilize you if you are not watchful. Note that this process is also used during job interviews. In other words, we spend a debauchery interview when meeting a girl.

“You’re too small! ” “You’re too big! ” “Why should I kiss you? “… All shit tests.

Why are they doing this?

Officially: a masculinity test

Officially, it’s a way for them to eliminate balls, wimps, and test your will power, guys. I put myself in their place and tell myself that it must be fun to feel in a position of power like that. When you think about it, it’s pretty close to trolling.

This form of questions allows them to check our level of alphaness (being alpha), composure and the quality of our responsiveness and, as we know, many women appreciate men who are sure of themselves! Shit tests are therefore useful because God knows that there are hundreds of thousands of men who play it “rock hard” but who have nothing in the pants in reality. And God also knows that men like to believe and tell that they are incredible in bed when they are barely decent. 

So, many women assume that a man is a loser until proven otherwise.

Of course, if a woman likes you a lot, you might think that it would be unlikely of her shit test you, but they often do it anyway! It must be a woman’s second nature.

Unofficially: sometimes, they do not know

Some girls abuse of shit tests,  and occasionally use a sequence of tests, just test after test, enough to discourage even the guys who pass them brilliantly. Moreover, perhaps it is a way of refusing their approaches without saying “no” directly while having plenty of fun tormenting them. 

This feminine illogicality leads to abuse: some paranoid see shit tests everywhere. So know that sometimes the girl may just be asking you a sincere question. Sometimes she may ask you to pick her up by car because she genuinely wants to go out with you and not to test your degree of submission.

The best advice I can give you to recognize such a test is to listen to your social intuition. Because, in any case, it is not so important to know if you are dealing with a shit-test or not if you always react more or less in the same way (the alpha way).

How to respond to shit tests like a PUA?

Humor and indifference

The best way to answer these tests is to respond with humor and indifference (but not too ironically because it would be stupid to offend a girl you like). Never get mad or upset, even if the girl who tests you has nothing under the skull but is acting judgemental try not to sound too dry or too harsh( she’s a dipshit, and you’re a cool ladies man so keep your cool). 

The idea is not to take them too seriously or try to answer them REALLY. 

Otherwise, there’s enough to go CRAZY!

It is your alpha male’s inner game that must be carrying all your answers: you must impose your frame, your reality! You need to communicate (in broad terms) that as a man, you fully assume that you love women, that you have no excuses to make nor should you justify your desire to meet and seduce hot women. You must also communicate that you are not a manipulator, that you are sincere, and that indeed, you are a good shot(Don’t say “i am awesome”).

So take advantage of the shit-tests (since they are part of the game as well) to show that you have nothing to hide, that you are mature, trustworthy and that you do not try to play the usual trick that women already heard a thousand time over. Reassure them by showing that you are someone they can rub shoulders with and not a starving wretch who only waits for the moment to jump on them. Besides, the more you will be alpha, the more good answers will come to you naturally.

Do not overdo it

Note that sometimes it is useless to answer in a worked way. If a girl says for example “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m lesbian,” it’s not really a shit test! In fact, a smart woman might be interested in you, logically, or at least not right away. Or, if it really was a test, then too bad for her, her twisted mind had her miss out on a huge opportunity with a great guy. But, you can never know too much, whether it’s a shit-test, or the girl is just sadistically irritating you, it’s important not to dwell in it too much and waste your precious gray matter and your priceless time on it, as it is more important not to be caught off guard!

In any case, always walk out of the interaction with your head up. In your mind, you didn’t get laid with this beautiful woman, but apparently, SHE did not deserve you.

Concrete examples?


Know that women like to think that they are all original but, in fact, you will always meet a little of the same tests. Here are some typical ones:

  • “Do you regularly approach to girls like that? “

If you say yes, you are fucked because girls like to feel a little unique.

If you say no, you are fucked because the girl will take you for a liar.

You can answer, “Only the ones I like.”

  • “That’s what you say to all women? “

You can answer: “Yes, to all, even my mom 😉 .”

Or in a less incestuous fashion: “What does it change? What matters is that I said it to you.”

  • “What do girls generally answer when you tell them this?”

You can answer, “Why? Do you need others opinions before making a decision? “

  • “Why should I give you my number? “

You can answer: “There is no obligation, do it only if you want to look at my bedroom’s ceiling after a nice date.”

  • ” You are small. “

You can answer: “Horizontally, it does not change anything. “

Or, “It’s better than if I were stupid and terrible in bed.”

  • “I’m sure you’re just a talker! “

You can answer with a kiss. Sometimes arguing with words is useless.

Or, ” It’s not the only thing my mouth can do.”


Do not forget that we, too, test women when we approach them (oddly when they catch that we test them, many take it badly, as if it were an offense when we only return their weapons against them)! Indeed, with the high number of bitches out there, we are forced to quickly detect if we are dealing with a bitch or a nice girl, their reaction and their attitude will be paramount in detecting it. Personally, by the time I approach a woman, it is still far from being won for her! As men, we often have to take the first step, but that does not mean that we have to be willing to tolerate anything to get laid, that would be a starving wretch’s reasoning.

If they do not put enough effort (“I ignore him to test him” mode) or if they are too boring (too much ridiculous and overused shit-tests already): then you have the right to troll them back before leaving.

Note finally that sometimes the girls are still testing their guy in a relationship — some friends of mine actually confirmed this to me.

Your Coach,